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The Creative Challenge of working with Industrial Paper

Kathrin Biffi-Frey, Switzerland

I have worked with and cut paper since my earliest child hood. During my education to become a craft/art teacher, I learned how to make paper myself. No plant around me was safe from ending up in the cooking pot. From each individual plant emerged a very specific paper. This diversity fascinated me. Thus, it became my ambition to make my own transparent paper.

After this period of hand papermaking my interest shifted ...

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How is art born?

from Gisèle Mengis

How is art born? Heinrich von Kleist saw it as «ideas that gradually take shape through talking». Umberto Eco put forward his «Open Work», a complex and multilayered notion that in its entire composition refrains from offering solutions, revealing instead circumstances that invite interpretations.

No clear ideas, then, no resounding inspiration - instead, the process of creation is the product of an unnerving ambivalence, of moments of satiation and emptiness.

Kathrin Biffi is no stranger to this fluctuation ...

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